SoD Violation Monitoring

‘Access control’ is one of the strongest pillars in your internal control framework for your ERP system. Granting too much access to your users, increases the risk of errors in transactions and data and may even provoke fraudulent activities. Setting clear access rules for segregation of duties (SoD), gives you a possibility to measure the quality of the actual access control in your system.

Questions like:

- How many segregation of duties (SoD) conflicts exist in your system?
- How many users have access to perform critical activities?
- Are the numbers increasing or decreasing over time?
- Which roles and authorisation objects are cause most of your SoD conflicts?’

all be answered with your current periodic or permanent SoD violation monitoring solution.
With MARC’s analytics capabilities, the relevant numbers, details and statistics are presented in a comprehensive manner and help you understand where your real risk violation happened.