We were fortunate enough to receive an invitation from Inc. Q Consulting and XS Control Asia to speak at their event “GRC Made Easy: Keeping Pace With New Developments in SAP”.

Held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, in Suntec City, this represented a fitting opportunity to liaise with new and current clients and also demonstrate some of the latest features of our software platform. Recognising that the concept of convenience in GRC is sometimes a problematic one, the specific focus of the meet was one that we're all aware our clients continually strive for – simplification. It's no secret that SAP systems face a far higher level of risk these days and this fact has complicated GRC considerably.

Marcel Huskins, MD at XS Control Asia presented the main feature of the event, a mini-seminar on the notion of easing our interactions with our GRC systems. Starting with an analysis of the underlying complications faced by GRC in a changing SAP System environment, Huskins touched upon how SAP itself can be used to negate the various convolutions users can experience, and ended with an innovative, non-software approach to simplification.

For our own presentation, MARC’s co-founder and director Jayasimha Chandra was given the opportunity to demonstrate our platform to the conference. He outlined the developments we’ve made in GRC simplification and how our application suite can benefit SAP users, before highlighting how seamlessly our software can be worked into existing infrastructures.

Chandra spoke at length about MARC's efficiency when it comes to SoD, and drew attention to vital time, and ultimately money saving features that MARC can bring to organizations.

The demonstration then went on to analyze the ways in which our application suite can use report data to mitigate user access where appropriate, streamlining the whole process. We concluded by summing up the advantages of using MARC’s system, from labor saving functionality, to the ease afforded by cloud installation, among others.


Being given the opportunity to speak at the conference at Suntec City was a great chance to liaise with clients and peers from all over Asia and beyond. The event went smoothly and our contribution seemed to meet the approval of those present. Following the scheduled presentations, we were able to use the gathering to meet our clients face to face and hear their thoughts on MARC's operation first hand. We see these portions of conferences as almost as important as the program speaker's demonstrations, understanding the importance of our end user's feedback in our own process of development as a company.